Record a video or submit a quote talking about why you got vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Why are you getting vaccinated? What are you looking forward to as a result of getting the vaccine?


You can be a trusted messenger about the COVID-19 vaccine and share information to help others on their journey of getting vaccinated. 

Share your personal story to encourage your friends, family, and wider community to get vaccinated. 


Know What You Are Going to Say

Think about what you want to say. Feel free to jot down a few ideas before recording. 

Keep Your Video between 20-60 seconds

Try to keep it short and sweet. Videos between 20-60 seconds are most engaging. 

Focus on the Camera, Not Yourself Talking

It's hard not to look at yourself, but keep your eyes on the camera so you don't look like you are looking down in your video.

It's Okay to Record Multiple Videos

Don't like how your video turned out? Try again! Even Hollywood professionals have to do multiple takes. 

Use a smartphone or webcam

Record your video effortlessly using a smartphone or webcam. 

Smartphone: Use the "video" feature within your camera. 

Webcam: If you have a webcam, most computers and laptops have a video recording devise, such as QuickTime or Photo booth installed. If your computer or laptop does not have a program like this, use a free website such as 123 Apps to record and download your video. 

Good Lighting

Clear Sound

Horizontal Layout

Find a location to sit where you don't have a window or large light directly behind you. For a better look, have a light source in front of you. 

Make sure your device has a clear microphone. If the sound quality isn't great, try using a pair of headphones with a built-in microphone. 

If you are using a smartphone, turn your phone horizontally so your video fills your whole screen. 

Have a question about recording your video? Contact Maranda Fishback-Engquist at mfishback@legacyfdn.org